Vistara: Championing Female Menstrual Health Access



How Vistara's #PadsOnBoard took the lead on in-flight female menstrual health in India


The Problem

Menstruation and access to menstrual health products have become an increasingly discussed topic by the government, NGOs, media and businesses in India. However, India’s aviation sector has largely remained silent on the issue. On occasion, cabin crew members have given their supply of sanitary pads when asked by passengers. Vistara saw this unaddressed gap and sought to advocate for change.


The Solution 

Vistara conceptualised and executed #PadsOnBoard, a thoughtful campaign to provide sanitary pads on its flights, making travel more comfortable for women. The campaign was built off Avian WE’s initial awareness survey, which found that Indian travellers were mostly unaware they could request menstrual products on aeroplanes. This initiative aimed to raise awareness that they could. Vistara also went above the industry standard and addressed environmental and health concerns by sourcing eco-friendly and biodegradable pads from leading manufacturers.

The service was launched on International Women’s Day and was supported by an integrated campaign to generate awareness on how the lack of menstrual health products in public places was detrimental to public health at large. In addition to traditional and digital media outreach, Avian WE also focused on unpaid influencer targeting and using in-flight announcements to encourage women to ask for sanitary pads.




2,300 sanitary pads requested
4.25 million Twitter users reached
93 million online impressions


The bold campaign set a benchmark in the aviation industry for social media and influencer engagement, positioning Vistara as a leader in women-friendly initiatives. The results include:

  • 2,300 in-flight sanitary pads requested in the first 90 days
  • 4.25 million people reached on Twitter in two days
  • 93 million impressions generated online


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