The global media ecosystem is constantly evolving. We’re crafting a new kind of agency — one that helps clients navigate that motion and reach their audiences anywhere, anyhow and on any channel. Here are some insights from our best and brightest — because you don’t bring traditional PR and integrated communications together without a few big ideas.

Avian WE Healthcare E-Newsletter: Roundup for April 2023

Dive into important news and events such as  announcements around M&As in the sector, National Medical Device Policy 2023 and more.

Avian WE Healthcare E-Newsletter: Roundup for March 2023

Explore key healthcare developments in March 2023: Rajasthan Government's Right to Health Bill, guidelines on AI in healthcare by ICMR and more. 

Brands In Motion 2023 - Healthy Reputations: More Than Medicine

Does corporate reputation influence how much a healthcare professional trusts a brand's pharmaceuticals? Read more here.

This report includes India data.

Avian WE Healthcare E-Newsletter: Roundup for February 2023

Explore all the key news and economic highlights that impacted India and the world in the sector of healthcare in February 2023 

Avian WE Healthcare E-Newsletter: Outlook for 2023

Avian WE's latest e-newsletter captures 6 key health sector trends and developments that will dominate conversations in 2023.


Brands in Motion 2022 — The Bravery Mandate: Make It Real

How can brands make their purpose pledges real? Our 2022 findings and whitepaper The Bravery Mandate: Make it Real reveals key strategies.

This report includes India data.

Development Sector: Adapting to the New Ecosystem in the COVID-19 Era

India’s development sector has rapidly recalibrated its approach to ensure service continuity. From the utilisation of technology to authentic storytelling, Avian WE uncovers innovations in the COVID-19 era.

Consciously Speaking: A Short Terminology Book on Gender, Sex and Sexuality

The effort behind this e-book is to facilitate information to recognise how prejudice seeps into the way they communicate with each other and what they can do to address it.

Brands in Motion 2019 The New Brand Loyalty

Brands live in a world of constant motion. Tech disruption, economics, crises, regulation — every little moment affects how your stakeholders see you. And consumer expectations never stand still.

This report includes India data.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

Chase explores how the Education and Travel & Tourism sectors have adapted in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and opportunities moving forward. Read the reports here: COVID-19 and EdTech and COVID-19 and Travel & Tourism


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