Avian WE Video Call

Adgully: Enhanced Social Responsibility Virtual Panel

April 22, 2021

SOURCE: https://www.adgully.com/image-transformation-is-not-a-communications-but-a-business-planning-exercise-pr-experts-103030.html

Image Transformation is Not a Communications, but a Business Planning Exercise

Nitin Mantri, Group CEO, Avian WE, Joins Fellow PR Experts for a Virtual Panel on 'Enhanced Social Responsibility'

ADgully, 22 April 2021

Organisation models have shifted from product-driven to customer-centric and now to purpose-led in its latest iteration. But while product and customer mindsets were crucial in defining organisational culture in great companies like Apple and Amazon, purpose is only something that emerges in most companies via their marketing communications.

The purpose of the discussion was to understand how purpose is taking front and centre stage is most organisations and how values are becoming the lodestone for business decisions.