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New Indian Express: Breaking Gender Stereotypes In Textbooks

August 25, 2021


Breaking Gender Stereotypes In Textbooks

The New Indian Express, Sasmit Patra and Suryaprabha Sadasivan, 25 August 2021

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Sitting in the same classroom, reading the same textbook, listening to the same teacher, boys and girls receive very different educations,” said American author David Sadker. Truer words could not have been spoken. Education is the centerpiece for the socio-cultural, political and economic empowerment of individuals and in that context, schools become foundational for most things, including gender socialisation.

Despite shifting attitudes, there is still a long road ahead in sensitising people that gender is a social construct that influences mindsets, behaviour, and roles and responsibilities attributed to boys and girls in all societies. Education has the most substantial potential of shaping social change towards gender equality. Therefore, it becomes imperative to evaluate the role and performance of our education system in promoting equitable gender relations.